Sunday, September 21, 2008

And the baby is...

A GIRL! Yep, you heard right, we're having a little girl. Mike was so excited when he saw the somogram, she's already got him wrapped around her little finger. And me, oh my goodness... that day my mom and I went to buy a cute little girl outfit.. I've got to have something to balance out all the camo and Nerf guns! Her name is Mary Grace and is expected Feb 1st. Anthony is excietd to have a little sister, and Jake, well, Jake just likes to sit on her :) !
This is her pretty little profile!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's been how long?

Okay- I realize it's been a few weeks... okay 5 months... since my last blog, but I've been a little busy, so say the least. I'm inspired to do this tonight b/c I just got off the phone with my dear friend Jen and she whipped me into shape (as she pften does!). Alot has happened since you heard from me last, which is partly what I blame my absence on. Anthony is talking so much, he's such a smarty-pants, Jake is getting around crawling like a mad man and eating everything in his sight. And then there's that other little thing that's kept me busy... yep, you guessed it... another short is on the way! Here's his or her first photo... yes, oowing and awwing IS allowed (and encouraged)!

If you look close you can see little arm and leg buds (he/she is lyiing on their side, head to the left. The little ball to the left is the head, the ball to the right is the tummy and the 4 balls surrounding the tummy are the limbs! (The baby is in the black bean-shaped thing)

So, needless to say, I've been TIRED! I sleep any moment I get, so obviously I'm much too busy catching Zzzz's to blog :)!

Here's some other pics of the boys being cutie-pies~

Here's Jake being a cowboy- YeeHaw!
Anthony wearing Daddy's hat, being cool
Jake munching on corn for the first time (he's a human garbage disposal)
Anthony peeing in the back yard (isn't that cute)- annd YES, we're country like that! By the way, I had to give Anthony a cop hair cut b/c I was trimming the bottom and oops, went too high and had to cut it short so you couldn't tell... it's grown out now!
Jake sporting his Mow-Hawk at the family reunion

Well, I hope you enjoy these pictures... maybe I'll post more next year-ha!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Here we are... again

Okay, with "gentle"probbing from my dear friend Jen, here I am again. I have been on a sort of retirement/vacation/hiatus from the blog, but she has whooped me back into shape. So much has happened since the last blog, I'm mnot sure where to start... Jake is getting so big. he's the best baby ever. I'm so in love with his little look, head half cock-eyes, smiling with his tounge sticking out and drool running down his chin. He's such a funny little guy, I can't wait to see what he's like when he grows up. He's so good natured.. he eats, smiles, poops, laughts, flirts, babbles, drools, and sleeps (notice hardly NO crying!)

As for Anthony, well he's growing up to be a little man right before our eyes. (Warning: here goes the incessive bragging, that is what these things are for right?) He is a genious... yes I know people say that all the time about thier kids, but really, mine IS a genius! He's counting to 12, poops in the toilet (not peeps yet though), can say some of his ABC's, and can pretty much hold a conversation with you. His new thing is being ultra cool looike his daddy and wearing sunglasses. Even at night, he says "bright momma, glasses please"... sing along with me... "I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can , so I can ..." That's right, he's cool. Well, here is what you've been waiting for... pictures! Here is Jake falling asleep in his exer-saucer and at Anthony's birthday party. And our little football guy... he weras this helmet that his cousin Mark gave him everywhere! Also, notice his fashion sense... PJ's with a Cowboys sweatshirt and boots... stylin'!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Cute Pics

Here are some upsdated pics of the boys. This is us at the church carnival, halloween. Jakes awake, can't type now!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Do you know that Anthony's favorite thing in the entire world is... Balls! All balls... footballs, baseballs, basketballs, golfballs, cricket balls??? Yes, all balls, all sizes, shapes, colors. And regardless of the actual type of ball, they fit into one of 2 categories in Anthony's little mid... basketball or baseball. And as you can imagine, to as boy with such a facination with balls, a pumpkin patch is ball heaven! Here is Anthony at the pumpkin patch and some other great shots... Anthony as a copper-man, a super hero about to throw a tantrum, playing "sword" with the vaccuum attachment, and little Jake, just hanging out being happy and cute!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Christian Jake

Well, Jake is finally a little christian! He was baptized at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church Saturday admist all of his family. It was such a joyful time, and such an honor, to give this precious gift from God back to Him! After the baptism all of the family came to the house to celebrate... and boy do we have alot of kids! We even had 3 cousins missing but still the house was jammed pack full of little ones.

Almost all of the Costanza and Short side were all there with their families. Sitting admist the little yells and squeals, I was talking to Kelly about how boring life was before all of the chaos these littles ones bring... we are so blessed! I am thankful for the chaos, the messes, the little hand prints on every wall and window, and even the bumps and bruises that come along with these little ones. I am thankful for having to sweep the floor daily to get up all of the crumbs launched from the table during meals. And yes, I am even thankful for the melt-downs that my little ones seem to plan simultaneously! It brings so much joy to sit back for a second and take in the noise and excitment that comes with kiddo-s... even if that precious moment lasts only a second, interupted by a tug at your shirt by a little guy asking for more milk.
Here is jacob with his grandparents (Mickey & Don and Mike & Mary) and his God parents Jon and Kelly.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

First week by myself...

Okay, this was the "official" first week by myself. Mike went back to work and despite all of my worst fears, I survived the work week with the 2 kids by myself. At times, it was crazy... take for example today: we came home from church and Jake was screaming with that quivering lip thing he does, Anthony was yelling at me "MaMa, MaMa, MaMa" because he was tired and he's constipated, and Dixie was throwing up on the carpet. I was sitting there on the couch, Jake was nursing and finally quiet, Anthony was pulling my finger, trying to get me to stand up and come play outside with him, and Dixie was dry-heaving. I just laughed ... face it, there's not much you can do in a situation like that but laugh!

All in all, I was very proud that we all survived... no we didn't just survive, we did great! This is my standard for great at this point: we all ate, poopy diapers were changed within a reasonable time period, and no one died. My friend Wendi let me borrow her Moby wrap ( it's amazing!) and I just put Jake in that thingie and was still able to play around (even on the fort and sliding on the slide) with Anthony. I vacummed twice, washed Dixie, cleaned the kitchen, and thought about sweeping (but I wasn't THAT good!). Luckily I had friends bring me dinner (God bless YOU!) so most of my meals were prepared. All in all, I'd have to say we did pretty good... but thank goodness Mike is now off for a couple of days!

Another precious pic of Jake...
Anthony and his daddy watching the cowboys game... Little Romo zonked out...